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What Does A Water Damaged Window Well Mean For You?

As you go about your everyday tasks in your home and you stop to take a look out of your basement window, you happen to notice a little bit of moisture. The further you inspect the more clear it becomes… you have water damage in your window well. But what does a water damaged window well mean for you? First, it means your window well isn’t doing its job properly. Second, your going to need to get to the source of the problem to correct the problem. And third, you may even need a new window well.

Your window well has many important jobs. It serves as a protective barrier for your basement windows and your home. The well walls create a dam that keeps dirt, debris, and water away from your basement window. Not only does your window well keep unwanted elements away from your home, but it allows occupants to easily leave the home in case of an emergency. Lastly, if your basement windows are at or below ground level, your window well enables light to enter what would otherwise be a very dark and gloomy basement living area. These three functions, barrier, escape, and light, are crucial to maintaining a safe and functional home. So when your window well has water damage and isn’t able to properly do these things, it is an issue that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

How do you take care of a water damaged basement window well? First, you need to find the source of the problem. You’ll need to consider where the water is coming from so that you can stop more water from damaging the well. In many cases, water damage happens when there are issues with water drainage. Your window well has a built in drainage system at the bottom of the well to help drain water away from your basement window and lower levels of your home. But as leaves fall into the well, twigs, toys, or other debris, it can block the proper flow of water drainage. This can then lead to pooling water and water damage.

One way to avoid the buildup of debris in your window well is by installing a window well cover. Metal window well grates can make great covers, however, they still allow for some debris to slip through the cracks. To keep the most debris out, you’ll want look for bubble window well covers. For example, the Maccourt 4425R is a clear cover that will allow light to shine through while keeping out more debris than window well grates.

But rather than shopping for window well covers from Home Depot, Maccourt, or another big name store, or online sources like window well covers from Amazon, why not check out a local company? When you shop locally you can expect attention to detail and a personalized experience you won’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for rectangular window well covers, square window well covers, or covers with a custom fit, look no further than Windowell Expressions.

If the water damage in your window well is extensive you’ll need to look into new basement window well installation. Starting fresh with a new well and a fresh drainage system will  keep your basement, basement windows, and basement window wells dry and water-damage free. Besides fitting your wells with covers, Windowell Expressions can also resurrect your window well too. Give them a call today!




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