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Where is a Window Well Drain Located?

Where is a Window Well Drain Located?

If you have a window well in your home, you have a window well drain. It’s important to note this drain when considering how to maintain your home.

There are some parts of having basement window wells that you may not have considered. Where is the window well located? What purpose does it serve? Is there anything I need to do as the homeowner to maintain my window well and the drain properly?

We get it. You want to keep your home in good condition, and you want to avoid costly home repairs. With that in mind, let’s look at where your window well drains are located and what you need to know to keep it working correctly!

Where is it located?

In your window well, you may have dirt, rocks, or gravel. You can find your window well drain underneath whatever has been placed at the bottom of your window well. These drains connect to your perimeter drain. So that any water in your window well, whether it’s from rain, sprinklers, or other sources of water, will move down the drain and through the pipe network in your area. 

What purpose does a window well drain serve?

The primary purpose that a drain serves is to ensure that water doesn’t build up in your window well. Think about it: over time, sitting water with nowhere to go will get, quite honestly, pretty gross. Eventually, this will leave you looking for a solution to get rid of that sitting water, and it’s going to be a long, messy project with which no one is going to want to deal.

You also want to consider that one of the primary purposes of a window well is to provide an escape from your basement in an emergency. Many window wells feature stairs, making it easy to climb out in a flood, earthquake, home intruder, or some other unprecedented emergency.

Basic Window Well Maintenance Every Homeowner Should Know

When it comes to window well maintenance, there are a few things that, when done consistently, will keep your window wells looking good and allow them to continue to serve its purpose.

Regularly clear out any debris that may get in your window well. You may also find that weeds could start growing in your window well. Take some time to pull those out before they get too big and out of hand. Over time, you may also want to consider replacing the dirt, rocks, or gravel you have placed at the bottom of your window well.

Let Windowell Expressions Beautify Your Home

You want your home to be safe and beautiful, and window wells should not be overlooked in this process. Here at Windowell Expressions, we love making it easy for homeowners to take the look of their window wells to the next level and make sure they’re safe with a window well drain and other safety aspects. We’re happy to help those in the Salt Lake Valley with all of their window well needs. Contact us today!

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