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Which Kind of Window Well Cover is Better for Your Home?

Window well covers are a great addition to any home. Not only do they keep your family, visitors, and even pets safe from your window well, but they add value in many different ways to your home.

Your window well can keep out intruders, block debris from filling your window well, and even help to eliminate water issues. But when it comes to actually choosing a window well cover, how do you know which one to choose?

To help, here are a few options when choosing which kind of window well cover is better for your home.

Standard Window Well Grate

A standard window well grate is both an attractive and economical addition to your home. When you have one of these covers over your window well, you can rest easy knowing your well is covered and anyone passing by will be safe from falling in.

Grate covers are also an excellent deterrent when it comes to burglars. Homes without window well covers, or ones that look easy to open mean an easy target for intruders. But with a grate window well cover, your home will look secure and protected; usually burglars won’t even bother trying to get in!

The grates in your window well cover allow some snow and rain into your window well so you won’t have to worry about them buildup and weighing down your well cover. But also offer plenty of light to still make its way to your basement.

Clear Window Well Cover

If a standard window well grate cover isn’t for you, may a clear window well cover is the better choice for your home. Because they are transparent, they complement any home.

Some may worry about their durability, but Windowell Expressions make their clear covers from materials that can stand an impressive amount of weight so you’ll be safe even if you accidentally step on it, and your home will be safe no matter how much snow is piled on top.

Clear covers help keep your window well clean by keeping debris, water, rain, and even animals out. With a clear cover, you won’t have to worry about leaks either! Your clear cover will also maximize the light that shines into your basement.

Custom Window Well Grates

If you have a uniquely shaped window well, you can still get the cover of your choice by choosing a custom built window well grate or cover.

Whether you decide to go with a standard grate window well cover, a custom window well grate cover, or a clear window well cover, make sure you choose Windowell Expressions to help you with any of your window well needs.

Windowell Expressions has been in the business since 1995. When it comes to window well covers, window well liners, and foundation liners, you’ll get exceptional products that will last a lifetime. N

ot only that, but the experts with Windowell Expressions work carefully and efficiently; you can have a new window well liner in just one hour! If you’re ready to “hide ugly,” contact Windowell Expressions today.

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