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Why Choose Windowell Expressions?

You know the benefits of adding an attractive window well liner, or foundation liner to your house. Besides being beautiful, it also  increases property value and offers protection for your home that could save you huge headaches in the future. Not to mention lots of cash! And if you have a window well that needs a liner, chances are you’re also in need of a window well cover.

Having a cover on your window well offers the same benefits as a liner — added security and increased beauty. You may not realize it, but your window well cover keeps unwanted debris, animals, and even intruders out, while allowing your family access to beneficial natural light and an emergency exit.

Window well covers, window well liners, and foundation liners are all great products, and there are many companies that provide these products. But there is one company that stands out above the rest, and that is Windowell Expressions. Why should you choose Windowell Expressions for your window well needs?


Windowell Expressions has been an expert in the industry since 1995. That’s a lot of time to perfect their craft and learn all there is to know about window wells! Besides having the best quality materials around, their expertise means they have seen it all.

No matter your home, the experts with Windowell Expressions can get your new liner or covered installed quickly and painlessly. Their expertise means that your custom fit window well covers will be a perfect fit for any home or window. No matter what you’re looking for or how unique your situation, Windowell Expressions can make it happen.


Since opening their doors in 1995, Windowell Expressions has been manufacturing all of their own liners for both window wells and foundations. With years of experience, they know how to make the best liners around.

When you choose Windowell Expressions, you’ll get a liner that is made from polyurethane — one of the toughest and most durable materials on the market. This means that your liner will be able to withstand any weather condition without sustaining any cracks, or chips. It won’t harden, or scratch. And you won’t have to worry about the color fading with their unique process of blending the color into the material. In other words, when you choose Windowell Expressions for your window or foundation liner needs, you can expect a quality liner that will last a lifetime.


When you choose Windowell Expressions, you can be confident that you’re getting a great value. The cost of a window well liner or foundation liner that will last a lifetime is very reasonable, especially when you consider the fact that it will probably outlast you! That said, Windowell Expressions has prices that are reasonable enough that if you decide your home needs a facelift, it’s not unheard of to switch to a different design or color scheme. And the price you’ll pay for a window well cover is negligible when you consider the many benefits a window well cover provides.  

So whether you’re looking for a window well liner, a foundation liner, a window well cover, or to simply HIDE UGLY, be sure to choose Windowell Expressions.


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