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Why We Love Window Well Liners (And You Should, Too!)

Window wells are a necessity in most homes. In case of an emergency, they serve as an escape route for your family. They also provide much needed light to otherwise dark basements. But with window wells often come the standard metal liner to keep soil from filling up your well. Just because you need a window well, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. In fact, at Windowell Expressions, “we hide ugly!” This is easily done with a window well liner. Here are just a few reasons why we love window well liners, and why you should too.

A Polished Look

One of the main reasons we love window well liners is the fact that it really helps to pull an entire look of a home together. You know how refreshing refinished floors, or freshly painted walls can be. Imagine that paired not only with crisp white trim, but a drab gray window well liner. It can really clash and throw off your entire look! Instead, choose a complimentary design, or a pop of color to blend the view outside your windows to the one inside.

A Retreat

With many different colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can turn your basement into whatever kind of sanctuary you want. As you gaze out your basement windows, enjoy a view of the sky as well a gorgeous stone-lookalike liner. It takes less than a day for a Windowell Expression professional to install a liner, so don’t wait to make your view a beautiful and relaxing one.

Brightens a Room

Basements are not known for having much natural light. When you have a window well you are allowing as much natural light into your basement as you can, and when you have a window well liner, you are utilizing that light! Choose a liner that will help reflect the light, and brighten the well so that you can make the most of the natural light you have access to. With these elements working for you, you might even forget you’re in the basement! And the more light that is reflected into a room, the less you’ll have to spend on utility bills. If that’s not a reason to love window well liners we don’t know what is!

Not Afraid of Change

Are you worried about putting in window well liners because you’re not sure how the style will hold up, or you plan to remodel in a few years? Not to worry. Windowell Expressions’ window well liners are extremely durable and last for years, but they are also extremely simple, fast, and cost effective to install. So, no matter what your style is at the moment, or what season you want to match your window well to, the choice is yours. Window well liners are a great way to update any space.

These are just a few reasons to love window well liners. If you’re ready to update your space, open up and brighten your basement, and enjoy a much more polished look, contact Windowell Expressions today!



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