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Why Window Wells Are Important

At first glance, having a small pit on the side of your home may seem like an eyesore. While this is sometimes true (you can make them much more pleasant looking by adding a window well cover!), your window well is so much more than how it does or doesn’t look. In fact, your window well is very important for a few different reasons. If you have a basement, your windows will need a window well…here’s why!

#1: Safety

In case of an emergency, how are loved ones supposed to safely get out of a basement? The answer is your windows! But this can’t be done without a window well which provides an egress, or escape. Window well covers also provide safety by keeping unwanted burglars out of your home. They are locked tight from the outside, but unlock easily from the inside to ensure a safe escape. A window well cover also helps to keep snow and rain out of your window well which is incredibly helpful should, for example, a housefire happen in the winter and you need to escape through the basement windows.

#2: Required

One important reason you should have a window well is because it is required by most cities. To meet building codes and comply with most insurance policies, residential basements must have a window well. (This usually applies to finished basements but it is helpful even if your basement is unfinished). You want to make sure your home is up to code at all times.

#3: Light

One important aspect of basement living is whether or not there is enough light. This can make a big difference for those dwelling in a basement, or spending lots of down there. When you have a window well, you are allowing optimal light into your basement. Not only will this help you save on electricity costs, but it will brighten everyone’s spirits, which is something you can’t put a price tag on. This extra light will add life and warm to your home!

#4: Fresh Air

Another way a window well is important is the ability to allow fresh air into your basement. Basements are known for being dark and musky. But your window well provides light and air to make it as enjoyable a space as the rest of your home. Increased fresh air and ventilation will also help you save on utilities and keep everyone happier.

#5: Drainage

When you have a window well, you’ll also have some built in drainage system. You want your window well to stay clear of excess water and moisture so that your windows and basement are protected. When window wells are installed correctly, a drainage system is also installed that will help move water away from your home. This will keep your window wells looking nice as well as protect the integrity of your windows, basement, and even foundation.

If your window well wasn’t properly installed, contact Windowell Expressions to begin reaping the benefits of a window well. And if you’re looking to protect your window well, ask about a window well cover today!

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