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Window Well Safety

Your window well can be a very dangerous part of your yard, but it can also be one of the best safety features of your home. With a little time and a few products, you can keep your family safe while providing some awesome benefits that can only come from a window well. So what are these pros and cons? We’ll tell you, as well as teach you the basics of window well safety.

An Open Hole

Without proper maintenance or attention, your window well is basically an open hole in your yard. And if you have children, pets, or even unobservant adults, this open hole can prove to be very dangerous. One misstep and you could find yourself falling hard into a window well, easily causing injury. Heck, your window well can prove dangerous for innocent wildlife that may happen to pass through your yard!

Window Well Covers

So how can you make your window well safe for anyone who may be in your yard? Simple, by installing a window well cover! Windowell Expressions offers both standard grate covers as well as clear window well covers. Either one is going to protect you and your loved ones from any unnecessary injury.  But what if your window well has a very unique shape? Not to worry, Windowell Expressions also offers custom window well grates so no matter what kind of hole you need covered up, Windowell Expressions will be able to make your home safe.

Emergency Exit

Your window well, when properly covered, can actually be a wonderful safety feature for your home. In fact, most homes are required to have an egress window, or escape route for the basement.  If there is an emergency and people live in or spend time in the basement, it can be scary thinking about how to get out of a home safely. Fires can completely block access to parts of the home, and other natural disasters may mean you need to get out immediately. Your window well can be that safe exit, and your window well cover be the gateway to safety. Your Windowell Expressions cover, whether a clear or standard grate, is made so that it is easily unlocked from the inside. If for any reason you need to use the window well as an emergency exit, you’ll be able to safely and easily lift the cover and head to your family’s meeting spot.

Safety from Intruders

But what about when you want to stay safe inside? Afterall, window wells are an easy target for intruders looking to take advantage. Your cover also serves as a barrier from the outside, making it impossible to get inside when the cover is closed properly and locked. You lock your windows and doors, and now you can lock your egress windows so that your home is completely secure on all fronts.

While your window well can be dangerous in a few ways, it can help improve the safety of your home in many more when a window well cover is properly installed. Contact Windowell Expressions today to get your cover!

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