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Best Window Well Liners for Autumn

Best Window Well Liners for Autumn

If you’ve been putting off installing new window well liners, autumn is the perfect time to take care of this task. Window well liners can dramatically improve a home’s interior, especially if the window it faces is in a high-traffic area.

One of the best perks of liners is that they’re easy, fast and affordable to replace. You can swap out liners based on seasons, going with a warm or neutral hue that perfectly complements autumn. Plus, it’s that time of year when yard debris is at a peak and liners can help make cleanup a breeze — especially if you’ve opted for a barred cover instead of a solid, clear one.

Choosing the best window well liner for you really depends on your style and preferences. Selecting a reputable window well company means each and every liner in their inventory is durable and built to last through several seasons. It’s more about aesthetics, not quality, but that can be a challenge for some homeowners. If your window well faces into a busy room in the house, which colors and patterns are best? Do you want to reflect light or draw attention away from the window?

Get in Line(r)

A light liner with a slight sheen will reflect natural light directly into your home. This leads to better ambiance, less dependency on artificial light and even an added dose of vitamin D. Many homeowners want as much natural light as possible, and the right window well liner can mimic the effects of a skylight. However, lots of light is not for everyone.

Window wells often lead to basements, which in many homes double as a mother-in-law suite or bedroom. Bright light in these rooms, where people sleep, is often discouraged. For anyone who’s a light sleeper or fan of blackout shades, you may want to choose a darker liner to cut back on reflected sunlight. Clear covers, which can be custom painted to darken window wells, might be helpful for some.

Do You Really Need an Upgrade?

The shelf life of a window well liner can vary drastically. It depends on the region, recent weather patterns and storms, quality of the product and of course the quality of the installation. Having a clear cover can protect the window well liner much better than a grated cover. Also, any incidents (such as an animal falling into an uncovered window well) can cause extensive damage to the liner.

Take a close look at your liner, via the window for added safety, and look for any tears, rips or excessive staining (which may actually be mold growing). If a window well liner looks dingy and old, it probably is. Fortunately, liners are budget-friendly to replace, and this work can be completed by professionals in under a day. Consider it autumn cleaning to make sure your home is in tip-top shape for the holidays.

Call Windowell Expressions and take advantage of an impressive inventory of window well liners and covers to suit every style, home and season.


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