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Can a Foundation Liner Be Installed After a House is Built?

If you’ve just moved into a new home you are probably still figuring out the things that make it unique. Some of those quirks may be positives, and others not so positive.

You may find the morning sunlight extra pleasant in one corner or the house. You may also find that you have excess moisture in the basement.

The more you find out, the more you may begin wondering about ways to highlight, improve, or fix your home.

When it comes to a basement that is prone to moisture or water issues, there are several things you can do to help. In some cases, it may be necessary to find the problem spot and then regrade the soil.

But there is another option — a foundation liner. If you thought a foundation liner was only an option for new construction homes, think again. Foundation liners can be installed after a home is built!  

When you add a foundation liner, you are helping to protect your home against the elements. In fact, it is a great option to consider on an existing home before water damages your foundation. If you are able to catch the damage early while the foundation is still in good shape and then add a foundation liner, you can avoid additional damage with the addition of a foundation liner. If you wait too long before addressing foundation issues, you may find yourself looking at a very expensive bill to have it fixed.

Foundation liners are relatively simple to install and are quite cost-effective. If you have the option to add a foundation liner, it is well worth it to save your foundation from the wear and tear of the elements.

Besides adding increased protection for the base of your home, a foundation liner will add value and aesthetics with its ability to “frame” your home in a variety of patterns and colors.  

Why stop with a foundation liner when it comes to beautifying your home? There’s no reason you need to settle with a view of a bland galvanized window well from your basement windows. Instead, upgrade your metal window wells with a window well liner from Windowell Expressions.

Choose from a variety of textures, shapes, and colors! You can choose something to match your foundation liner or something that complements the style of your basement rooms. Either way, with the help of Windowell Expression you can hide ugly and make the view from your basement a pleasant one.

Of course, to help maintain that view in your window wells you’ll want to consider egress window well covers. Whether you are looking at metal window well grates, clear window well covers, or even a custom window well cover, Windowell Expressions can help find the perfect fit for you and your home.  

For any of your foundation liner, window well liner, and window well cover needs contact Windowell Expressions.


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