Window Wells Help Prevent Snow Pack Leaks

Window Wells Help Prevent Snow Pack Leaks

Your window well can play an integral role in preventing basement and foundation leaks from snow packs, and it can discourage melting snow from creeping into your home’s lower levels.

Why Should You Install a Window Well Grate?

Why Should You Install a Window Well Grate

Is a window well grate a good choice for covering your home’s window wells? While you should consider all of the choices available, including many types of window well covers, grates provide some unique benefits that covers do not.

Should You Invest in a Foundation Cover?

A foundation cover can provide your home with the protection it needs while giving it the face-lift it wants. You do not have to look at an unfinished, gray foundation wall every time you pull into your driveway — you can change the entire look of your home with a simple foundation cover application. But […]

Signs That Tells It Is Time To Replace Your Window Well

  You may need to replace your window well if your basement floods unexpectedly, but what are other telling signs that may signal the need for this home improvement project? It is best to take care of a window well replacement before it causes expensive damage to your home, as investing in a watertight, properly […]

Do You Need a Window Well Cover Warranty?

Do You Need a Window Well Cover Warranty

f you invest in window well covers with no warranty to guarantee proper function, you will have nowhere to turn if the well floods due to a malfunction or if the cover shatters at the slightest impact.

5 Window Well Maintenance Guidelines To Follow

Window well maintenance will prolong the life of your window well drain and liner, and most importantly, help prevent water damage to your basement. Do you know where to start when it is time to inspect and clean your window well? Following are five areas to focus on. Clear Debris from Drain Even if the […]

Best Window Well Liners for Autumn

If you’ve been putting off installing new window well liners, autumn is the perfect time to take care of this task. Window well liners can dramatically improve a home’s interior, especially if the window it faces is in a high-traffic area. One of the best perks of liners is that they’re easy, fast and affordable […]

How Strong Are your Window Well Covers?

How Strong Are your Window Well Covers

To both stop intruding creatures and maximize safety, homeowners must purchase strong window well covers. However, the product’s strength must be balanced with the other benefits each material option offers.