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Window Well Liners Increase Home Value


Window Well Liners Increase Home Value

Your window well liners might be part of your curb appeal, or they might be the equivalent of a feature wall if viewable from inside your home. Either way, they’re a boost to your home’s value.

Since they are often seen in common areas, you don’t want a window well with a plain or outdated liner. Choosing a liner that’s high quality but also complements your home while being fashionable can be quite a struggle.

It’s similar to choosing wallpaper or exterior paint for your home. How can you be certain that what looks good as a sample will look just as good installed? More importantly, are you sure that faux rock liner is a good match for your vintage bungalow style or your chic, mid-century modern vibe?

Working with professionals who are skilled at matching liners with architecture and existing design features is key.

The Rules of a Classic

Unlike some other aspects of a home (like the skeleton of the house), window well liners can and should be replaced on a semi-regular basis. This gives you room to play, and considering they’re relatively inexpensive, you can go with a trendy look and replace it down the road with minimal impact.

Some homeowners want a classic, traditional design they can stick with for the long haul. This is a good idea if you plan to sell or rent your property — mass appeal always wins out.

However, if your home is just for you to enjoy, feel free to let your quirky side show. You can go with a bolder design or brighter colors so your window well becomes the focal point of the room, even if the focal point is technically outside!

Others want a bright window well liner to draw attention to the well. Making it more noticeable to kids and animals can help keep them from falling in. Of course, covers are also a great help, but if you go with a grate, there’s still potential for getting hurt if somebody doesn’t notice it.

Liners for All

A great window well liner will complement nearly any home design. It’s why natural looks are revered, such as brick and stone. The colors also come in neutral families, but of course you can seek out bright and unique shades if you wish.

There are no rules with window well liners, just like there are no rules governing how you should paint your home’s interior. It’s all your personal preference, but do keep neutral colors in mind if you’re interested in upping the resell value.

In the end, window well liners are somewhat temporary. You’ll want to replace them due to weathering, wear and tear and simply because they’re facing the elements day after day. Embrace the liner that grabs your attention and run with it with the help of Windowell Expressions.

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