Different Types of Window Wells

When constructing basement window wells, selecting the material to hold the well’s shape requires research. Many different types of window wells are appropriate for specific climates and home designs. This guide explains the benefits and drawbacks of each and illustrates how a customized liner can round out the aesthetic appeal of basement window wells. Wood […]

When Should You Replace Basement Windows?

Do you know when it’s necessary to replace basement windows in order to keep your lower level warm and dry? This guide offers information on identifying the signs of degrading windows, knowing the difference between the various window types, and preventing early deterioration of new windows. Signs of Aging Windows The first indication that your […]

Different Types of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing can limit moisture seepage, mold growth and serious water damage in your home. Here is a selection of basement waterproofing options that may help limit the chances of a flood on your property. Exterior Foundation Seal Due to the high expense associated with the project, applying a polymer-based seal to your foundation’s exterior […]

How To Save Money By Insulating Your Basement

Insulating your basement can cut down on the heating and cooling costs that cause your utility bill to spike in extreme temperatures. The U.S. Department of Energy says that heating and cooling account for 46 percent of the average homeowner’s electric bill, which equals about $2,200 annually. Here are multiple basement insulation methods you can […]

Evaluate The Risk of a Basement Break-In

Do your lower-level windows put your home at risk for a break-in? According to data gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, burglaries are declining. Still, based on the statistics of reported burglaries in 2012, an incident occurs once every 15 seconds in the United States. It’s important to evaluate whether your home is an […]

Can You Reduce The Risk of Window Well Injuries?

Homeowners should always strive to reduce the risk of window well injuries on their property, as such incidents could cause serious harm to others and expose the homeowner to potential lawsuits. Various circumstances can help determine your level of risk and your options for mitigating it. How Deep Are Your Window Wells? The allowed depth […]

Signs You Need Window Well Liner Replacement

Homeowners need regular window well liner replacement, and they must know how to identify the signs that it’s time. The lowest level in a home is the space most prone to flooding. By protecting one of the common water entry points — the windows — with a high-quality liner, homeowners can know for certain their […]

The Benefits of Window Well Covers

The well-known benefit of window well covers is that they are aesthetically pleasing, giving lower-level windows a sophisticated appearance. But window well covers offer many lesser-known additional advantages. Human and Animal Safety Some basement window wells are considerably deep – three feet or more. If small children or dogs are playing near the hole, a […]