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How Strong Are your Window Well Covers?

How Strong Are your Window Well Covers

The primary reasons homeowners invest in window well covers are increased protection and safety. Invading animals must be blocked out of warm, dark spaces or else they may begin to nest and make their homes where you don’t want them. These products also prevent children, adults and pets from tumbling into wells, potentially causing serious injuries.

To both stop intruding creatures and maximize safety, homeowners must purchase strong window well covers. However, the product’s strength must be balanced with the other benefits each material option offers. Following is a comparison among multiple window well cover materials to help you make the best purchasing decision.


No material rivals steel in terms of strength when it comes to protecting open window wells. Steel does not bend or break, even under the heaviest weights, but this benefit comes at a cost. Steel window well covers do not let in as much natural light as other materials and they also are not as effective at blocking precipitation and moisture from entering the well.


Plastic products are the least expensive cover options on the market. Thin, rigid plastic lets in natural light, but it will not withstand any sudden incursion of weight. When plastic meets its resistance limit, it snaps without warning. If the plastic gives way when a small child is on top of it, the child may be injured not only from the fall but from the resulting broken plastic shards.

Lexan Polycarbonate

Products composed of Lexan polycarbonate are by far the most popular and widely used material for window well covers. This material is UV treated and designed to resist extreme temperatures. Polycarbonate products usually include a 10-year guarantee, giving homeowners confidence in their investment. While it may not hold quite as much as steel, it protects against weights up to 250 pounds and provides the moisture resistance and light filtration homeowners value.

Lexan is also used in the production of reusable water bottles, race car windshields, sports helmet visors, and Apple computer products. When Lexan polycarbonate suffers a sudden impact, it quickly returns to its original formation with no dents left behind. The support system is constructed of aluminum, a rust-resistant, lightweight but sturdy base for this strong cover.

Call Windowell Expressions to make an appointment for a specialized window well cover fitting at your property. Select one of the Lexan polycarbonate window well covers offered by their team and enjoy the benefits of a highly protective, secure and strong product for your home.

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