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Do Window Well Covers Impact Curb Appeal?

If you’re in the process of selling your home, you’re probably pulling all the strings to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Curb appeal is the first impression that a person has of your home when they’re looking at it from a street curb. Ever since you became a homeowner, you’ve done everything in your power to make sure that your home’s value doesn’t depreciate.

Property value and curb appeal go hand in hand, and if your home’s curb appeal is attractive to potential buyers, then you’ll receive an offer in no time. 

While you’ve been paying extra attention to your home’s interior and flower beds that adorn your front lawn, you’ve forgotten one of the essential parts of your home—your window well.

How is your window well looking these days? If your window well has been ignored for too long, the chances are that it’s looking rough by now.

The last thing you want is your window well to be flooded with leaves from last year’s autumn. After you’ve performed a window well inspection, you should install window well covers. A window well cover is a sheet of material designed to fit over the top of an exposed window well to cover it. 

Window Well Covers Secure Your Home

You probably think that window well covers won’t make much of a difference. After all, who actually hangs out by their window wells? Although window well maintenance sounds like a minor concern, it’s a serious matter. Exposed window wells can lead to a collection of debris stuck in your window well that will make their way into your basement. Moreover, bare window wells pose a safety risk—an uncovered window well can be used as an entrance by burglars. These are hazards that you don’t want to expose your family or a potential buyer too. 

Window Well Covers Boost Your Home’s Value

Installing a cover to your window well shows potential buyers that you are serious about your sale and that you have taken tremendous care of your home throughout the years. A secure cover is a proof that the rest of your home is well-kept, and it’s a small detail that will go a long way with buyers. Buyers will notice anything that seems off about your home; a window well that has become a haven for animals, snow, leaves, and other elements will deter a buyer from making an offer. Even if you’re doing everything else right when it comes to selling your home, it only takes a couple of mistakes for a prospective buyer to turn the other way. 

Additionally, a customized window well cover will compliment your home. Quality window well covers are crafted to bring out the best in your landscaping, and they come in a multitude of heights and shapes. 

Give your home’s curb appeal one last improvement by installing a window well cover. Windowell Expressions makes window well covers for wells of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today. 




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