Foundation Liner Basics

If you’ve spent any time on the Windwell Expression website, you’ve seen the many services offered; the experts with Windowell Expressions hide ugly things with window well covers, window well liners, or foundation liners.

You’ve likely seen and are familiar with a window well cover and liner.

But what about the foundation liner?

If you’ve ever wondered just what a foundation liner is, and how your home could benefit from one, this blog post is for you.

Keep reading for foundation liners 101!

First off, a foundation liner is a liner that wraps around the outside of your home near the ground or foundation of your house.

There are several benefits to having one installed, but one of the most obvious benefits is it’s aesthetically pleasing nature.


Adding a foundation liner to your home is another way to beautify your exterior.

Think of a foundation liner as a crown molding on the baseboard in your home.

It is a way to frame your home in a sense and break up the monotony of stucco, brick, or siding.

And with the wide variety of colors and patterns offered from Windowell Expressions, you can be sure that there is a combination to fit your personal style and taste.

And, you can be confident that no one in your neighborhood will have the exact same foundation liner as you!

Because of their relatively cheap nature, if your tastes change, you can easily change your foundation liner too!

Home Value

Your foundation liner will make your home more aesthetically pleasing to you, and it will also make it more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers! Home-shoppers recognize quality, and when they see a home that has a foundation liner, they recognize the added value when it comes to looks as well as protection.

Home-shoppers recognize quality, and when they see a home that has a foundation liner, they recognize the added value when it comes to looks as well as protection.


One of the biggest advantages to having a foundation liner is the added protection to your home.

A foundation is one of the costliest repairs a homeowner can face. Your foundation liner will help you avoid this cost; in that sense, a foundation liner can easily pay for itself!

Whether you add a foundation liner during construction or long after, it is never too late to protect your foundation.

Over time, the elements take a toll on your foundation, as do poor soil grade and the placement of your home at the bottom of a hill.

It’s not feasible to pick up your house and move it to a different location on your lot, but it is possible to avoid flooding by installing a foundation liner.

Foundation liners can also protect your home from a few other things – bugs and pests!

One extra layer can really deter insects and bugs.

This will keep your basement much more inhabitable.

As mentioned previously, a foundation liner will help protect your home from the elements!

If you live in a place where there are distinct seasons and heavy run-off in the spring, a foundation liner will keep your basement dry too.

If you have any questions about how a foundation liner can make a difference for your home, contact Windowell Expressions to have them answered.



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