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Galvanized Window Wells: Pros and Cons

Adding window wells to your basement is not only a requirement for safety, but it can really do a lot to make your basement space more enjoyable.

Egress windows are required in basements to allow you and your family to safely escape in case of a fire or other emergency. But not only that, your window well will allow you to have more natural light in your basement which will be a mood booster and can save you money on your utilities!

If you’ve never considered basement window well installation before, you may not realize that there are different material options to choose from. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of one option, galvanized window wells.

The Pros of Galvanized Window Wells

One of the benefits of having galvanized window wells, as with any kind of window well, is that you will get much more light into your basement than you otherwise would have.

Metal window wells are the most used type of window well, which means they’re going to be easily accessible.

You’ll be able to get the correct materials for a window well of just about any size, and you won’t have to wait for any special parts to be ordered. If you’re in a hurry to get your basement remodel or your new construction completed as quickly as possible, galvanized window wells are also quick to install which could make a big difference for many homeowners.

Because of the accessibility this also means that galvanized window wells are an affordable option for your window well.

The galvanized metal will help to prevent rusting.

The Cons of Galvanized Window Wells

One of the biggest cons to installing galvanized window wells is that they are not very attractive. They are plain to look at, and can even be a downright eyesore!

Another con is that in some cases, depending on the size and depth of your metal window well, the metal may not be enough to hold back the ground.

Backfill that is too heavy or with excessively wet ground the window well may bow. If left unchecked the metal could even fail leaving you with a big mess to clean up.

There are many pros to adding a galvanized window well to your home, but the cons may have you hesitating and wondering if there are any other options. One option to make your galvanized window well more appealing is to add a window well liner.

Windowell Expressions offers liners that make the view from your basement window much more enjoyable. With the ability to customize your liner by choosing from a variety of colors and textures, you’ll be able to compliment any design.

Windowell Expressions Liners make the surface of your egress window well easy to clean and it will help to reflect even more light into your home.

If you have a window wells, don’t forget about adding an egress window well covers. Whether you need rectangular window well covers or custom window well covers, Windowell Expressions can help. For all of your window well liner and window well cover needs, choose Windowell Expressions.


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