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How Do You Cover A Window Well?


If you are a homeowner, chances are you have brainstormed your windows structure, as well as how to cover a window well.  

For every home, window wells are part of all building codes and regulations that are mandatory. Since you legally have to have them, make sure you know how to care and cover them to protect and preserve your home.

So how do you cover a window well? There are a variety of routes you can take and we will outline them all here. 

Clear Covers

Clear covers provide a great option for those individuals who want  to cover up those window wells and also prevent any other weather ailment such as debri or precipitation from falling in. Clear covers are a great option for families who still want to allow sunshine and natural light to enter through the window for most of the year. During the cold months, snow and ice may sit on top of the clear cover, limiting the natural light that can enter. Clear covers are also great for safety in keeping kids and animals safe and from falling in.

Standard Grates

These grates are made of metal and are rust and stain resistant. Although they do not keep the weather out completely, they keep most animals out and very importantly, children. This is a great option for those homeowners who also want increased ventilation in this area and increased sunlight during the colder months. Although the perk is that the snow and ice will fall through the grate which will allow a continued stream of sunlight, it still will sit in the bottom of the window well allowing the chances of precipitation flooding into your home to increase.

Why Should I Cover My Window Well?

There are many benefits to covering your window wells. Oftentimes small or large animals can find their way into the window wells and get trapped and or make homes or nests. Another reason to have covers installed is for safety. Children and animals can both fall into the wells causing serious harm or injury. Lastly, by covering these wells you can prevent snow and ice from piling up therefore preventing any damage that might be caused by flooding or drainage into your basement and damage to the exterior of your home.

Contact Windowell Expressions for All Your Window Well Needs

Now that you know how to cover a window well, let our experts help you out. At Windowell Expressions, we take pride in giving our customers the best quality window well service there is to offer. Since 1995, we have been creating and installing supreme Window Wells, Covers, and Liners, that are sturdy and top of the line. We have been happily serving the Wasatch front for over 25 years and continue to love the work we do, and the individuals and families we get to serve. If you are in the market to cover your window well, look no further. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come into our office and see what we have to offer, or give us a call at (801)270-9355 for a free consultation. Contact us today!

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