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How To Improve Your Home’s Value

How To Improve Your Home’s Value

Your home is valuable to you; it’s filled with people you love, precious memories, and all of your favorite things. Unfortunately, not everyone can see the sentimental value that your home may have. This can be an issue if you have thoughts of selling your home or simply want to improve your home’s value. The good news is, there are several ways to up the value of your home by making some small improvements that pay off big time in the long run.


The outside of your home is the first thing people are going to see, and this includes your yard! Take some time to prune your trees and shrubs, which will instantly give your home a facelift. Put down some new bark or mulch, and add a few flowers or plants. A little bit of effort in your yard will go a long way to increase your home’s value.

Upgrade Bathrooms

Upgrading your bathrooms doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do a complete remodel, but you can give your bathrooms the appearance of an upgrade with a few simple changes. Putting in new drawer pulls, for example, can make a big difference. Get a new toilet seat, or upgrade your sink to change the entire room. Simply giving your bathroom a deep clean, complete with re-grouting or grout cleaning, will make a noticeable difference.

New Appliances

If you have some extra cash, upgrading your appliances is something that will increase the value of your home and up the resale value. When house hunting, most people want new kitchen appliances. Even if your cabinets and flooring are a little bit dated, having new appliances will give your kitchen a more cohesive and modern look.

Window Well Liner

If your home has window wells, upgrading to a window well liner rather than the standardmetal liner that many homes have, will instantly up the value of your home. Imagine looking out of your basement windows to a beautiful background of colored rocks; the view instantly transports you to a ritzy neighborhood even if you’re not necessarily in one! The view from your upstairs windows are important, and so is the view from your basement windows.

Foundation Liner

One addition you can make to your home that will really make it stand out among other homes and add value is a foundation liner. Every home has a foundation, but it’s not every day that you see a home with a beautiful foundation liner! Not only will it up the curb appeal, but a foundation liner will add a layer of security against wear and tear, routine damage or water damage. Protecting your home from the intense Utah winters now will also increase the value of your home over time.

For more information about how to increase the value of your home with a window well liner or a foundation liner, call Windowell Expressions today! Those are two easy ways to make sure others see the value in your home that you always have.

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