How To Secure Your Basement Windows From Break-Ins

Your house is home to your most valuable items. There, you keep your family, your heirlooms, cars, electronics, and much more. Protecting these precious things from danger or theft is important, and many people’s number one priority. While basements are a convenient part of your home, they also tend to invite intruders. Securing your basement windows will keep you, your loved ones, and your valuables safe.

Continue reading to learn how you can secure your basement windows and protect your home, family members, and beloved belongings.

Keep Wells Visible

Window wells that are easily visible and not hidden by landscaping are less likely to be targeted by intruders. Avoid planting large bushes and other flora around your wells to keep them exposed. Instead, keep the landscaping around your window wells simple and small. If your home does have bushes near basement windows, keep them well-trimmed and maintained.

Utilize a Security System

Keep the vulnerable places of your home, such as basement windows, safe with a home monitoring system. Cameras, motion sensors, and window alarms work well to deter unwanted visitors. If the sight of these items doesn’t scare the thief away, the sound of the alarm likely will. Additionally, place a sticker or sign with your security company’s logo and information on windows and doors to inform intruders of your home’s system.

Put Away Your Valuables

A thief considers valuables in plain sight their unofficial invitation to break into your home. Put your essential belongings and expensive items away or use window coverings like curtains or blinds to block them from view. Of course, hiding your TV and sound system isn’t so easy, but make you put away your family’s laptops, watches and jewelry, and cash and wallets.

Outdoor Lighting

Make sure the outside of your house is well lit. Having floodlights installed in otherwise dark areas is an effective deterrent as most burglars prefer to work in the dark, and will target homes that are not well lit. If you do not wish to have a light on all the time, consider a motion-detecting light that switches on automatically when it senses movement. Motion sensor lights will not only scare off an unwanted visitor, but they will also alert you to suspicious activity outside. 

Install Window Well Covers

Window well covers are not typically thought of to help increase security because of all the other benefits window well covers offer. While most covers may not prevent burglars from breaking in, they do act as a deterrent and will slow down the burglar and may make them think twice before breaking in. For additional protection, you can install a window well cover lock to increase your home’s security.

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