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How to Stop Window Well Floods

This time of year brings plenty of precipitation. This is great news for your lawn and even local water supplies. But excessive rain and snow can lead to damage to your home. If you have window wells you may be particularly worried. While window wells are an excellent source of light and provide necessary access to lower levels of your home. It can also lead to precipitation finding and filling the lowest levels of your home. Which would be a breach in your foundation wall; it does not take much for water to make its way inside your home. The good news is there are three things you can do to stop window well floods.

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Proper Window Well Installation

First and foremost, you want to make sure your window well has been installed correctly. If not, it will be no trouble at all for water to make its way into your basement. While installing window wells, you want to make sure you choose a company you trust to do the job right. This job includes a well that is properly sized, securely fastened to your foundation, and has a functioning liner.


Working Drainage System

Another aspect of window well installation is the drainage system. Each window well has a built-in drainage designed specifically to handle lots of rain water and melting snow. If your drainage system was not put in correctly upon installation, you will need to correct it as soon as possible. But it is also possible that it was installed properly, but has since been obstructed with debris like twigs, leaves, or even trash. Taking the time to clean your window well can help alleviate those problems.


Install a Window Well Cover

You may have the best intentions of cleaning out your window well. However, with so many other day-to-day activities it is easy for it to get pushed to the end of your to-do list. One way to keep your window wells clear is to install a window well cover. A clear, or even standard grate cover, will create a barrier that will keep twigs, leaves, and garbage out of your window well. They will even keep out animals, children, and adults who may not pay attention to where they step!

Not only will a window well cover help to keep your drainage system clear and working, but it will help with the issue of flooding more specifically. A window well cover can keep snow from building up in your well, and thus keep it from melting or becoming compacted in your well. And a clear window well cover will also keep a good amount of rain water out of your window well too!


To help stop window well floods, make sure the well is properly installed, the drainage system is working, and install a window well cover for added protection. If you are looking for a company that can take care of all three of these tasks for you, call Windowell Expressions–the window well cover and liner experts of Utah. Do not hesitate when it comes to protecting your home; call today!

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