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Why is My Window Well Leaking?

When proper drainage isn’t possible, water can quickly and easily find its way into your basement and other areas of your home. Leaking window wells can cause several issues, which can lead to even more serious problems. To avoid issues like mold and mildew or damage to the walls and foundation of your home that will leave you spending thousands of dollars in repairs, it is important first to figure out the cause and source of your leak.

Find out more below about why your window wells could be leaking.

Reasons Why Window Wells Leak

If you find a leak in your home, you must find the source and cause for your leak as soon as possible.

Unsatisfactory Grading — If the ground surrounding your home does not slope away from your foundation, you can almost always count on leaks in your future. Whichever way your yard slopes, the water will follow. If it’s toward your house, rain, snowmelt, or sprinkle water will find its way into your wells.

Clogged Drain — Over time, and without regular upkeep, uncovered window wells can collect leaves, dirt, garbage, and other debris that can compromise proper drainage. Moreover, critters, insects, and other small animals, such as rodents or birds, love to make window wells their home. Because there isn’t much traffic or disturbance, it’s a perfect place to build clog-causes nests.

Old Windows — While windows, in general, are not designed to be waterproof (even new windows can leak), old, rusty, or rotted windows have an especially hard time keeping water out.

How to Stop the Leaks

Once you have determined the source of the leak, it’s imperative to address it as soon as possible. The sooner you handle the issue, the less it will cost to repair.

Grade Your Yard — To avoid major issues that can affect your foundation and window wells, make sure your yard is graded correctly. Make sure your home is located on the highest point on your property, with the surrounding ground sloping away from the base of your home. The downhill slope will direct water away from your home to avoid collecting water near its base.

Clean Wells Regularly — Regular maintenance is essential for functioning window wells. Make sure to clear away leaves, twigs, weeds, nests, webs, and anything else that is out of place. Keeping your wells clean will help eliminate clogs that can lead to leaks. Learn more about how to clean your window wells here.

Cover Wells — To help keep debris, snow, rain, and other water out of your window wells, consider placing covers or grates on them. Additional benefits include increasing your home’s security and keeping your children and animals safe from falls.

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What is the Point of a Window Well?

Many people may not give window wells and their purpose tons of thought. But we have! Window wells are actually an essential part of a basement and offer many benefits to your house and loved ones. Window wells play a significant role in the aesthetic, protection, and safety of your family and home.

Learn more about the purpose of window wells and the benefits they provide by continuing to read below.

Window Wells Protect Your Family

For a room to be considered a bedroom, it must have a window according to building codes everywhere. This requirement is no different for basement bedrooms. Basement bedrooms must have a secondary escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency. Ideally, all basement windows will have an egress window for easy evacuation. Ladders can easily be attached to the window well to provide a quick and safe escape.

Window well covers and grates also offer protection to your family. Covers can save people, animals, and other items from falling into the hazardous pit surrounding your basement windows. Moreover, window well covers and grates can deter unwanted intruders from breaking into your home via your basement windows. 

Window Wells Protect Your Home

Your home is exposed to all the elements, making it vulnerable to damage. Uncovered window wells are even more susceptible to this damage. Rain, snow, and ice (that will eventually melt) can gather in an uncovered well, increasing the chances of a flood or water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation. 

In as little as one wind storm, uncovered wells can fill with leaves, garbage, and other debris. If the well is not cleaned out regularly, all that has built up in the well can hinder proper draining. On top of that, it can become the perfect living space for rodents, spiders and insects, and other creatures. Perfect for those critters, not so perfect for you.

Window Wells Improve Aesthetic

Basements are infamous for being dark. However, with window wells that allow for large, full-sized windows, your basement will be flooded with natural light. You will also likely enjoy saving money on your energy bill each month because of the extra daylight allowed in. Window well liners are improving the reputation of basements everywhere by reflecting even more light into your home.

In addition to being a great source of natural light, window well liners can improve the aesthetic of your basement. Standard metal window well liners are dull, ugly, and look unfinished. They offer no design, personality, or style. Window well liners are the perfect finishing touch to your basement that will not break the bank.

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How Do I Keep Leaves Out of My Window Well?

Yardwork is never over. As the seasons change, as your needs and family change, and as you try new landscaping you will need to get out there and work on your lawn. Weeding, mowing, planting, fertilizing, watering, and just plain enjoying your yard is a year-round job. But is there a way to keep your yard work at a minimum? 

One annoying task in your yard is cleaning out your window wells. Keeping your window wells clean is critical not only for the cleanliness and order of your home but also for safe entry and exit of your home in the event of an emergency.

In addition, you need to keep your window wells clean to prevent damage to your home’s foundation and windows. Unfortunately, all of the other elements of your yard will find their way into your window well eventually.

How can you minimize the leaves, grass clippings, branches, trash, dirt, rocks, kids toys, and other debris getting into your window well?

1. Regularly Maintain Your Landscaping

You’re more likely to discover debris in your window well if you irregularly maintain your yard work. Allowing things to build up and become overgrown is harmful to your entire yard, and can also make the accumulation of debris in your window well a much bigger battle. Take care of weeds and growth weekly if possible, and clean out your window wells at least once per season even if it doesn’t look like there’s much debris that has fallen down there.

2. Adjust Landscaping

You can prevent leaves and foliage from getting into your window well altogether by carefully planning or adjusting your landscaping. Move brushy plants away from window wells or use landscaping retaining walls to keep the foliage from drifting. Trim and carefully stake any plants near your window wells to keep them contained.

3. Watch Edging

Regularly monitor the edges of your window wells. Through precipitation and general settling, you may find that the edges of your window well which once were a few inches above ground are now below the surface. Level out the ground around your window well and give it plenty of clearance to prevent runoff from falling into your window well.

4. Get a Window Well Cover

The easiest way to keep your window wells clean is to get a window well cover. Grated styles will still allow some debris into your window well, but a fine mesh or small weave grate will prevent most leaves and larger objects from falling into your window well. A bubble window well cover can cover the entire opening of the window well, preventing anything from entering your window well and making your job much easier.

Although it may be a hassle, cleaning out your window wells and keeping them clean will make a huge difference in the safety and security of your home, as well as preventing long term damage and future work. 


How To Replace a Window Well

Having windows in a basement is a great addition to any home since it can increase the light and airflow in an otherwise dark and stale area.

Furthermore, windows in a basement can keep you safe by affording you another exit or entrance in the event of a disaster or danger.

That’s one reason it is absolutely critical to keep your window wells free and clear of debris so that an exit is possible. But what if there’s something functionally wrong with your window well? 

It can happen. Even sturdy window wells can be damaged by landscaping, construction, shifting earth, or just long spells of wear and tear. From time to time a window well will need to be replaced, especially if you live in an older home.

Today Windowell Expressions will walk you through the necessary steps to replacing your window well. 

1. Dig Space

ig up the area surrounding the window well. It can be helpful to cut your turf or sod and place it carefully all together, then to place dirt and gravel in separate buckets or wheelbarrows. You want to create plenty of space to maneuver the old window well out and to place the new window well into the slot. Always dig away more than you expect, and don’t forget that the existing window well needs to go 8-10 inches deeper than the bottom of your window frame.

2. Remove Existing Window Well

Carefully inspect your window well to determine how it has been secured to the home. Screws or bolts can be loosened or pried off with a crowbar. Go slow and steady to loosen the window well, then recycle properly. Remove adhesive and repair any damage to your exterior wall at this point so that you can securely attach the new window well.

3. Gravel

You will need about 4 inches deep of gravel to perform adequate drainage for your window well. You will probably need to remove existing gravel that has accumulated debris and blockage in order to properly drain the area and prevent water pooling and flooding.

4. Insert New Window Well

Your new window well should go 8 inches below the bottom of your window and rise 4-6 inches above ground level. These measurements will prevent damage and water problems. When you’re sure the new window well will fit, carefully secure it using hardware or adhesive.

5. Seal

Adding caulk or other sealants will prevent water damage or loosening of your window well over time. Follow the manufacturer recommendations and ask our window well experts at Windowell Expressions if you aren’t sure what to use.

6. Backfill and Finish

Pour retained dirt back around the outside of the window well until the soil is securely packed in and the sod or grass is replaced. The window well should be secure and unmoving.


If you have questions about the state of your window well, ways to make your window well safer or more attractive, or if you need to replace an old window well for better function or curb appeal, Windowell Expressions would love to help. 


The Lion in the Window Well

Mountain Lion in the Window Well

Kids are kids.  Imagine one day the kids come up from the basement and tell you they just saw a mountain lion downstairs.  What would you do?

This story is all but reality for a family in Washington Utah when a home owner reported that their girls had come up from the basement claiming to have seen a mountain lion taking up residence in the window well.

The lion was roughly 15 months old and most likely recently left the care of his mother.  It was fully capable of leaping out of the window well.  Authorities are guessing the lion came from the pine valley area.  The DWR expert reported that at this age they’re looking for a place to call home and often simply find themselves in the wrong area.

Regarding why the lion was in this particular window well, “I don’t know why – if it’s warm down in there or they just feel secure.”


After a quick tranquilizer and taking some initial measurements and tests to determine the animal was healthy, the authorities loaded the animal in a transport unit to be take back to it’s natural habitat.

Having a good window well cover is a simple measure most home owners can take to ensure the safety of not only surrounding wildlife but will also keep your children and your home safe from intruders.

A clear Window Well Cover will help your basement stay protected from weather and water.  It is stylish and allows for the maximum amount of light while maintaining all of the listed benefits we just outlined.

If you have windows in the basement of your home Be sure to Contact Windowell Expressions to find the best Window Well Cover options.  Or if you’re looking to spruce up the look of your basement we have customer window wells in many styles.  Whatever your need we can provide a satisfactory solution!

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