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Transform Your Window Wells Into Gardens

A serene patio with a wooden table and chairs, perfect for outdoor relaxation and dining.

Window wells are often overlooked and considered as just a functional part of a house’s foundation, but they can actually be transformed into gardens. By transforming your window wells into gardens, you can bring some greenery and life into your home, even if you have limited outdoor space.  In this blog, we’ll share some tips […]

How Do You Keep Water Out of Window Wells?

How Do You Keep Water Out of Window Wells?

Basement windows are ideal for many reasons. They let natural light into an otherwise dark area. They allow an alternate escape route in case of an emergency, and — if done right — they can add to the look of your home (see our stylish window liners here). However, if done wrong, basement windows can […]

7 Benefits of Having Metal Window Wells

7 Benefits of Having Metal Window Wells

Metal window wells are easily the most popular choice for basement windows, and it’s for a good reason. Here’s a look at homeowners’ choices for window wells and why metal offers the most benefits.

Should a Window Well be Attached to Foundation?

Should Window Wells Be Attached To Foundation?

If you’re undertaking a DIY basement project for your window wells, you may wonder if it needs to be attached to the foundation. Whether you’re just replacing an existing window well or you’re doing a huge basement renovation, you want to make sure you’re doing everything in a way that is structurally sound and up […]

What Are Window Wells Made Of?

What Are Window Wells Made Of

Anyone who has a home with a basement knows that window wells are an absolute necessity to keep your property safe.  These are what make it possible to have windows that let in that beautiful, natural sunlight, and can even provide an easy way in and out of the basement if you find yourself in […]

How To Make Your Window Wells Look Beautiful (With or Without Liners)

Window wells have largely been neglected in many homes as just a protective element and something to allow light in; however, cleaning them up and making them look appealing can do wonders for your home’s aesthetics.  With more families spending time in their basement, cleaning out the cobwebs and installing unique interest makes sense. Discover […]

Keeping Leaves Out of My Window Wells

There are so many fun things about fall—leaves changing, pumpkin carving, sweaters and hot chocolate. There are also some not so fun things about fall – decaying leaves all over your yard, cold weather and lots of rain, maybe even some snow. While you can, and definitely should, enjoy the good things about fall with […]

Window Wells Help Prevent Snow Pack Leaks

Window Wells Help Prevent Snow Pack Leaks

Your window well can play an integral role in preventing basement and foundation leaks from snow packs, and it can discourage melting snow from creeping into your home’s lower levels.