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The Perks of Having Your Window Wells Redone

If you have window wells but they’re a bit outdated, you may want to consider having them redone. There are many new styles and options to choose when redoing your windows wells to update the look, but the change isn’t just about cosmetics. Keep reading for four important reasons to have your window wells redone.

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If for any reason your window wells would make escaping your home more difficult in case of an emergency, you already have reason enough to redo your window wells. Egress windows provide an additional exit point in case of a fire or another emergency. If your window wells are too old, damaged, or in need of repair you should seriously consider having them redone.


If there is wear that is beyond repair you should look into replacing your window well quickly. A window well that doesn’t work properly can cause damage to your home’s foundation. If you don’t act quickly it can also cause damage to your basement, kitchen or other areas in close proximity to your window wells. If you have ever had an issue with water leaking from or around your windows, it is probably time to reassess the drainage situation in your window well. Redoing the drainage system now will save you lots of time, money, and avoid damage in the long run.


On a less serious note, there is no better time to have your window wells redone with all of the amazing liner options to choose from today. Say goodbye to the standard metal liner, and hello to a window well liner that doesn’t even look like a liner! There are many designs and colors to choose from that will fit the style of your home and create an impressive backdrop for your basement windows. And if your style changes? Not a problem. The liner is easily switched out to keep up to date with your taste and style.

Adds Value to Your Home

When your home is properly protected from water damage and other potential hazards that as associated with an outdated window well, the value of your home will increase. If that didn’t add enough value to your home, you have the window well liners that take a window well to a whole other level. You can go from an unsightly view out the window to one that is peaceful and inviting to both residents and visitor.  It will make your basement look polished and intentional. And once you’ve had your window wells redone, you also have the option of adding a window well cover that will only further increase the value of your home, and because your cat can’t sit in the window sill forever.

If you feel you would benefit from redoing your window wells, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Windowell Expressions. They have been replacing window wells along the Wasatch Front for nearly a decade, carefully hand-digging out the wells to maintain the integrity of your yard while increasing your safety, protection, and value of your home.

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