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What Are The Best Window Well Covers?

There are many things you need to consider when selecting a window well cover for your window wells around your home. Not only do you need to make sure the cover fits correctly, but you also need to take into account which type of window well cover you would like. Window well covers come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different kinds of materials, allowing you to find the best window well cover for your house, personal style, and needs.

If you want to learn more about which window well cover will suit you best, continue reading the information below.

Sloped and Bubble Window Well Covers

Sloped and bubble window well covers are trendy and boast quite a few “pros.” Because of the shape of sloped and bubble covers, any water, snow, or ice will be directed away from the foundation of your home. These types of covers are easy to keep clean, look good, and are typically UV treated to avoid yellowing. They will keep debris and other unwanted items out of your wells; additionally, they will help keep children and pets safe.

Flat Window Well Covers

Flat window well covers are a common choice among homeowners. They are flat to the ground, keeping sightlines clear and unobstructed. They successfully keep leaves and other debris, water, people, and animals out of the well (therefore away from your basement!). Because they are flat, they will not redirect water away from your home. These covers are easy to keep clean and allow plenty of light to shine through your window. Flat covers are also typically UV treated to avoid yellowing.

Grates For Your Window Wells

Window well grates are quite a bit different than dome, sloped, or flat covers. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain, as they are rust-resistant. They come in many different sizes and patterns. Because they are grates (slotted), water and some types of debris can make their way into your window well. They let in most of the light, but block some of it due to the opaque nature of the grate. Similarly to flat, sloped, and domed covers, they protect animals and people.

Quality Matters

Regardless of the style, you select for your covers, purchasing a cover that is high in quality is important. Cheap and low-quality covers are likely to crack or break, leak, or become rusted or discolored. Purchase a good quality window well cover, and you’ll only need to purchase it once. The best window well covers are high-quality covers.

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