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What To Do About Leaking Window Wells

A leaky window well can cause many issues for a homeowner. It can damage your home’s foundation, your basement, your belongings, and even the window. Not only is this incredibly frustrating and disheartening, but it can also cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs. 

So, what should you do about leaky window wells? Keep reading to find out.

Remove Standing Water

If water has entered your basement, your first step should be removing the water. You can use a wet/dry shop vacuum to help. However, if the water level is considerably high, you may want to hire a flood remediation specialist to handle the job. Their heavy-duty, professional equipment will get the job done fast before you have to worry about mold setting in.

Drain the Flooded Window Well

Now that the standing water is removed from the interior of your home, you can begin thinking about the exterior of your home. Remove the water in your window well by unblocking the drain. If the water is too deep, you may need to use a bucket to help bail the water from your well. Once you can reach the drain, you can remove the mud and gravel that is blocking it and begin your investigation.

Find the Leak

In addition to sludge build-up, your drain may be clogged with leaves, sticks, or other debris that may have caused the flood — find out what exactly is stopping your well from draining. Make sure your drain is installed correctly and that the drainpipe is working correctly. 

Avoid Future Leaks

To avoid future problems, make sure each of your window wells — even the ones that aren’t currently leaking — have functioning drains, are cleaned regularly, and have a cover.

Well Covers — The best way to keep your window wells clear of debris is to cover them. Covers will prevent leaves, sticks, dirt, critters and insects, and garbage from gathering in your wells. All of these things can easily block your drain and prevent proper drainage. Covers also increase your home’s aesthetic and add another level of security.

Functioning Drains— A properly installed window well will be equipped with a drain and drain pipe at the base of the well. The drainpipe will direct water away from the foundation of your home. It typically connects to a gutter drain or is led down a landscaped slope. Your well’s drain could even be connected to a sump pump in your basement that would allow for proper drainage.

Clean Window Wells Often — When your window well is full of leaves, trash, webs or nests, and other debris, it can be hard for your well to drain efficiently. Take some time every few months to clear out your well and check the drain for clogs or potential build-ups. Additionally, verify your covers are fitting tightly and are not damaged.

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