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Why Foundation Liners Are Necessary

If there’s one part of your home that you really don’t want to mess with once construction is finished, it’s your foundation. It is the base upon which your entire house is built. It should be the most secure and dependable part of your home! If there is a problem with the foundation it can be one of the most disastrous problems a homeowner can face. Not to mention, trying to access a foundation for repairs can be very costly and complicated. If there was a way to get some added protection for your foundation, would you take it? A foundation liner can offer that protection! But it’s not just a convenient extra. Here is why foundation liners are necessary.

Added Layer of Protection

When you add a foundation liner to your home, you are adding an additional layer to the exterior of your home. That alone creates an extra layer of protection! If your home faces snow, sleet, heavy rains, quick thaws, storms, or poor drainage, your foundation may be under threat of serious damage. Overtime, these weather conditions will take a toll on your foundation. But a foundation liner will help keep these elements away from your foundation, thus extending the life and condition of your foundation.

But it’s not just the elements that wreak havoc on foundations. Excessive gardening, poor soil grade from a foundation and unfortunate placement of your home at the bottom of a hill can also be threats to your foundation. These situations can cause immediate damage, or slowly weaken and damage your foundation over time. A foundation liner will also help safeguard your home against these situations, especially when relocating your home to the top of a hill isn’t an option.

Increased Home Value

Some may not consider an increased home value as a necessity, but it’s not something many homeowners are going to say no to! When you add a foundation liner, you are obviously protecting your foundation and avoiding expensive home repairs. But a foundation liner will also add value to your home with the aesthetic curb appeal that comes with it.

Consider a foundation liner to be the equivalent of the baseboards on the inside of your home. It just looks “right” and instantly makes the place look more expensive and high-end. Foundation liners come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit even the most unique tastes.

Windowell Expressions offers over 20 years experience in the foundation liner, and window well business. If you’re looking to protect your foundation, Windowell Expressions offers affordable foundation liners; they are easy to install on pre-existing homes. With so many colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from, you’ll get the perfect foundation liner to compliment your home. Windowell Expressions will “hide the ugly” by adding a beautiful foundation liner to your home.

To get started or for any questions regarding foundation liners or window wells, contact Windowell Expressions today!


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