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Window Well Liners Q&A

At Windowell Expressions we are both knowledgeable and passionate about making your windows work for you. A well-made window well can enhance the structure, safety, and beauty of your home. For now, maybe you just see your window well as a code requirement at best and a tumbleweed trap at worst. We have so many great ideas to improve your use of your window well so that it is safe, useful, and dare we say, beautiful?

First, you need to make sure you have the required amount of window wells according to your city, county, or state code. Some require one window well per basement room, others just one for the entire basement. If you have the required window wells, it’s time to ensure that they are properly fitted. Check for cracks or wear, and clean out any debris that may have accumulated in your window well. If you identify any damage or need for replacement, Windowell Expressions can start there.

Who can use Window Well Liners?

Anyone with a boring or ugly window well can benefit from a window well liner. All you need is a window well that you can climb into. Adhesive liners can be removed, so they can even be used by renters.

What is a Window Well Liner?

Window well liners are sheets or coatings for the inside of your window well. They can be spray-in, or adhesive in construction. They shield the inside of your window well, for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners are looking for a more protective layer in their window well, perhaps one that is more pest-resistant or more difficult for animals to scale. Other window well liners can be simply for aesthetic purposes. Window well liners work best in conjunction with a window well cover to keep it from being pulled down, scratched, or otherwise damaged by debris or animals trying to get into your window well.

Where Can I Get a Window Well Liner?

Window well liners of all kinds can be found online or in certain home improvement stores. Windowell Expressions can also offer a wide range of options for your window well, personally tailored to your needs and desires.

When Can You Install a Window Well Liner?

Window well liners can be installed anytime but can be most effectively installed when you can avoid precipitation. Clean out your window well of all debris, then you’re free to install without complications. Windowell Expressions can install window well liners easily and affordably so you don’t have to worry about climbing in and out of your window well.

Why Do I Need a Window Well Liner?

The primary reason our clients opt for window well liners is to enhance the aesthetic of their basement rooms. You can select a window well liner that looks like brick, stone, or even a forest scene. Suddenly your window well is a beautiful focal point and can be opened for increased air and light in your basement. It’s an upgrade that costs very little and makes a huge impact.

If you’re ready for a change that will enhance your basement rooms without structural or expensive changes, window well liners can do it in a flash. Call Windowell Expressions for options today!

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