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Window Well Liners – What Are Your Options?

If you’re looking to increase the aesthetics of your basement, a window well liner is a great choice. As you look out the windows, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view. But what kind of liner can you choose? And what about the different colors offered? At Windowell Expressions there are plenty to choose from. Here are your options for window well liners…


One option when choosing a window well liner is to go with something that compliments your interior design. If you have decorated with brown, warm hues, why not go for a window well liner with subtle stacked rock in a warm shade? If you have more gray, cool tones you can certainly choose a gray looking rock for your window well liner. These liners offer a variety of texture that is interesting to look at without completely distracting you from the interior decor. This makes it a great complimentary look.

Pop of Color

If the “complementary” look doesn’t suit your fancy, you may be looking for more of a pop of color. Windowell Expressions also has plenty of liner options that can give your window well a little more pizzaz. With large stones assembled perfectly to fit your window well, you’ll get a focal point that’s hard to ignore. Pair it with rocks in varying shades and you really get a showstopping-view.

Aesthetic Piece

Lastly, don’t forget to honor the beautiful Utah scenery. With an aesthetic piece, you can choose something that compliments the natural beauty all around and blends seamlessly with the surrounding textures and colors. This is a great way to get a very natural look while also providing an impressive view from your basement windows.

No matter what you choose, your window well liner will be the finishing touch to your basement and the view outside the windows. You’ve worked hard to create a cohesive, and attractive look inside. With your window well liner you can make sure that look continues as you look out the windows.

And with such an attractive view, you can expect a return on your investment. That’s right, the cost of a window well liner will pay for itself after you consider the increase in value you can expect.

Not ready to commit? Have no fear. Window well liners are actually very affordable and are quickly, and easily replaced. No matter what your current window well looks like, you can make a major impact on the look and value of your home without much strain in your pocketbook. And, if your taste changes or a new owner decides to redecorate, your window well liner is easily replaced or updated.

Need another reason to add a window well liner to your window wells? You probably already know the importance of keeping your window wells clean. Well, the materials Windowell Expressions uses for their liners is made specifically so that they are easy to clean. Not only that, but the materials reflect light so that you’ll get more natural light inside. You can’t go wrong with a window well liner from Windowell Expressions!



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