The Lion in the Window Well

Mountain Lion in the Window Well

Kids are kids.  Imagine one day the kids come up from the basement and tell you they just saw a mountain lion downstairs.  What would you do?

This story is all but reality for a family in Washington Utah when a home owner reported that their girls had come up from the basement claiming to have seen a mountain lion taking up residence in the window well.

The lion was roughly 15 months old and most likely recently left the care of his mother.  It was fully capable of leaping out of the window well.  Authorities are guessing the lion came from the pine valley area.  The DWR expert reported that at this age they’re looking for a place to call home and often simply find themselves in the wrong area.

Regarding why the lion was in this particular window well, “I don’t know why – if it’s warm down in there or they just feel secure.”


After a quick tranquilizer and taking some initial measurements and tests to determine the animal was healthy, the authorities loaded the animal in a transport unit to be take back to it’s natural habitat.

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