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When Do You Need to Replace Your Window Well Liner?

What a Window Well Liner Does

Window wells are naturally a dark place as they are located underground. The retaining well placed around a basement window to push back the surrounding ground—known as the window well—is prone to dirt and damage because of its location. Window wells are often made of steel but can also be made of concrete or stones. Adding a liner to your window well can have many benefits. Firstly, this adds another layer of protection. The liner can help to extend the life of your window well, and potentially stop damage from reaching the foundation of your house. A liner can also add value to your house as it boosts your curb appeal. Window wells can be dark and dinky places, but adding a beautiful liner brightens up a dark place and makes it much more appealing.

Signs of Wear and Tear

Checking your liner regularly is very important—spotting damage early on could save you from more damage. Inspect your liner to ensure that is it functioning properly, especially look for any signs of water damage. Window wells have a built-in draining system to keep any water damage from reaching your house’s foundation, but a defective draining style or damaged well could mean harm to your foundation.

If you notice a mildew smell near your basement windows, check your liners. There could be potential water damage and mold growth. Liner and draining systems could be faulty or damaged and need repair or replacement, or they could just need a good clean. It’s possible your pipes are just clocked, leading to water build up and fungal growth. If cleaning out the drain and your well doesn’t do the trick, contact a specialist for assistance.

General cracks and wear down could allow water, bugs, or other unwanted things to enter into your well. Because of the location of the window well, it is often forgotten. But regular maintenance for your liners could save you the hassle of needing to replace your wells, drain system, or even your foundation. Just a quick inspection once in a while will greatly benefit you.

An indication of a Falling Liner

Sometimes a liner can begin to separate from the home structure—this is a good indication that it’s time for a new one. Periodically check the stability of your liners. Unstable or separating liners could lead to collapse—liner collapse can shatter basement windows. Replacing liners is a cheaper and easier repair than basement windows. Keep an eye on liners that are directly attached to the window frame, if incorrectly installed, they will put extra pressure on your windows, which could be problematic.

Any sort of damage in your liners is an indication it’s time for new liners! You can ensure the protection of your windows and window wells and update the look of your wells when you replace your liners regularly. Contact Windowell Expressions today to choose from the variety of liners available and have them installed by a pro.

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